Metal zipper series
Nylon zipper series
Resin zipper series
Pull the first series
New Zips
 Name:5# metal colorful teeth zipper
 Item NO.:HC-6
 Name:4#brass pinhead zipper
 Item NO.:HC-M13
 Name:5# metal bright silver zipper
 Item NO.:HC-M14
 Name:8# metal plated silver zipper
 Item NO.:HC-M18
 Name:8# metal antique brass zipper
 Item NO.:HC-M27
 Name:5# metal bright silver zipper
 Item NO.:HC-M30
 Name:5# metal plated nickel teeth zipper
 Item NO.:HC-M31
 Name:4# metal 4YG zipper
 Item NO.:HC-M33
 Name:5# metal YG zipper
 Item NO.:HC-M34
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